Mark Selawry

Special guest

Those who've fallen off a healthy life path can count on Wellness Haven's Mark Selawry to help them find their own unique way back to that path and to feeling better. Mark welcomes you to Wellness Haven and is pleased to be able to offer nutritional consulting, detoxification protocols, oxygenation therapy, and release from emotional trauma and limiting beliefs.

Mark's path to wellness coaching and to founding Wellness Haven (in Boise and online) has been a unique one. It started with a Harvard MBA - followed by a few decades of a rather fast-paced international corporate executive lifestyle. His overseas career (22 years of it, to be exact) led him to some interesting work with Disney, Hilton, and other corporate giants... but he was increasingly drawn to an earlier passion for health and wellness. The opportunity to transition came in a way he never expected...

In 2011, Mark's enviable life changed forever when his partner, Helen-Jane, was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. He dove into research, exploring treatment protocols across conventional as well as alternative medicine. As a result, Helen-Jane lived until January 2015 (over two years beyond the few months the doctors had given her) and with a greatly enhanced quality of life. Despite the tremendous personal loss, Mark was motivated by the experience and insights he'd gained with the cancer in 'his' life.

What's more, given the intense experience and motivation, Mark couldn't resist sharing his findings with others on their paths to wellness - constantly and gradually learning more about avoiding some of the pitfalls he and Helen-Jane had struggled with on her journey.

And so, it wasn't surprising that Mark returned to the U.S. in March 2015 to dedicate his life to bringing others to wellness. In 2016, he founded Wellness Haven, a symbolic and heart-felt focus of his personal passion for supporting people around him in their efforts to be healthier than their life journeys have left them.

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