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The Honest-to-God Series

Twin Flame hosts of the Honest-to-God Series, Ahonu & Aingeal Rose are the creators of this consciously aware community of like-minded listeners co-creating a new world of self-mastery and love of all life everywhere! This podcast is a self-expansion experience!

Mar 17, 2012

Pilgrim guide Kevin O’Kelly gives us a great introduction to the culture and mythology of Ireland in this special St. Patrick’s Day episode.

Kevin O'Kelly is a pilgrim who also leads others on the pilgrim journey. Trained in Spirituality and in Adult Education, he has a special interest in personal development. He has been guiding seekers through Christian and Pre-Christian sites in Ireland for more than 30 years. He has been using and building labyrinths for many years and with the help of a team of volunteers he was responsible for the construction of the labyrinth in the grounds of the Glendalough Visitors’ Cente in 2001.


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