Bonnie Sandera on Shamanism in NY

March 11th, 2012 · 1 hr 29 mins

About this Episode

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu interview Bonnie Sandera on Shamanism in NY. Back in 2006 she had written a series of Novels. She had an agent who was working on selling them to publishers. After a year she was not able to sell them and they parted ways and Bonnie fell into a deep depression.

She went to visit a renowned medium in the area, by the name of Shelia Hand. She was quite sick with cancer and consented to see her as one of her last clients. Sheila told her that she would be published, but she needed to clear all the doubts and fears she had, especially the fear of success. After leaving her office Bonnie prayed and prayed to be guided to the place where she could learn to release the past and move forward with her life.

Several months later she was led to the Four-Winds society and began her Shamanic Journey toward healing. She is now a Shamanic practitioner in the Wilmington, North Carolina area.  

She has published the first of her seven Novels, 'Deadly Secrets' on Amazon Kindle. It is about a woman who was molested as a child and seeks the help of a Shaman to help her release the past and move forward with her life.

Bonnie says "I thank God everyday for the guidance of Shelia Hand and the gift of Shamanic Healing in my life."

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