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The Honest-to-God Series

Twin Flame hosts of the Honest-to-God Series, Ahonu & Aingeal Rose are the creators of this consciously aware community of like-minded listeners co-creating a new world of self-mastery and love of all life everywhere! This podcast is a self-expansion experience!

Aug 11, 2012

Kathleen Ross & Harold Wright – Bound by Destiny. Kathleen Ross, author of "Bound by Destiny" and her husband (and past life suitor) Harold Wright talk with us today about past lives and their relationship as told in Kathleen’s new book Bound by Destiny.

Kathy’s story has been waiting to be told for many centuries. Through her 37 year practice of meditation she has been able to remember over 20 of her past lives. At an advanced meditation course she met a lawyer whom she recognized from a past life but because of their circumstances of being already married with children they could not easily choose to be together. This mirrored many past lives where they were faced with similar obstacles. Although her story is a love story it is also a story of spiritual transformation, seeing a much larger picture than just the here and now and also having the courage to choose an authentic life against all odds.


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