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Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

Twin Flame hosts of the Honest-to-God Series, Ahonu & Aingeal Rose are the creators of this consciously aware community of like-minded listeners co-creating a new world of self-mastery and love of all life everywhere! This podcast is a self-expansion experience, a journey of consciousness that has helped people all over the world move from mediocre to miraculous!

Jul 29, 2017

In this week's episode of The Honest-To-God Series, Aingeal Rose & Ahonu asked:

  • Are we just here on Earth for the ride?
  • Is there a limit to how much the universe can expand?
  • Is there a limit to evolution?
  • Is there a limit to God's consciousness?
  • Does our life's journey end with enlightenment?
  • Are we in effect of the...

Jul 22, 2017

Today, Aingeal Rose & Ahonu asked many questions arising from last week's open forum session. The questions broadly asked:

  • Are you expecting a different future?
  • Are we fixed in a past, present, future mindset?
  • In 200 years, have we changed much?
  • Is expecting part of manifesting?
  • Are our perceptions circular?
  • Does the...

Jul 15, 2017

This episode of The Honest-To-God Series podcast has Aingeal Rose & Ahonu asking is the Earth flat? Amongst the other questions were:

  • How does the political climate in the world affect people's health, their prosperity and their ability to be positive and flourish?
  • What would Abraham Lincoln say about the USA today?
  • Is...

Jul 8, 2017

This episode is drawn from the Answers From The Akashic Records podcast, where Aingeal Rose & Ahonu enter into the shark-infested waters of Trump's American politics. They refer to Volume 1 of the 100-book Answers From The Akashic Records series where a participant asked about freedom, suicide, and Paradise...

Jul 1, 2017

In this episode of the Honest-To-God series that was down-stepped from The Akashic Records, Aingeal Rose & Ahonu discuss the rate and pace of change over time and manifesting over multiple lifetimes.

Manifesting over multiple lifetimes was raised along with how to become more mindful and miracle-minded while in this...