Lisa Romach - Sing-Out spectaculars for the past quarter-century

June 2nd, 2012 · 1 hr 28 mins

About this Episode

Lisa Romach says It’s Gotta Be Fun! And those words have sustained her for 20 years. She uses it as the motto for "Sing-Out". Sing-Out started in the late 60’s as a musical revue not unlike "Up with People" that flooded the country, and continues to be a musical extravaganza mixing comedic charm with song and dance.

Sing-Out's sole purpose is to raise money for local charities in East Rochester and the cast chooses the charity. With a band of talented volunteers, Sing-Out's tradition of providing high school students with a fun way to engage in community service is inspiring.

The creativity of the people around her is what lights the stage every year. With thirty years of teaching experience under her belt, she began teaching piano as a teen teacher for Helen Thompson Piano and later became co-owner of Romlen Studio. Today she continues her love of the piano and teaching as a co-owner of the Center for Musical Arts.

She boasts continuously of her husband, Doug, 3 children, Mike, Tim and Kimberly, her daughter- in- laws and son-in-law; Katie, Shannon, Chris, and the lights of her life – 5 grandchildren; Emma, Gianna, Domenic, Ella, Hayden. Sing-Out has been her “bliss”. Every year, a different puzzle, every year a different cast, every year the most fun she can every have. Lisa would like to thank everyone who has ever touched Sing-Out. It is you who have kept this dream alive.

Listen in today to Lisa Romach as she shares her life long passion to live, laugh and love in her indomitable musical spirit of "It’s Gotta Be Fun".

**Update:** Lisa died on Nov 5th 2014 at the age of 59. She is sorely missed and our love goes out to her and all her family and her students and friends.


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