A Time of Change by Aingeal Rose

May 12th, 2012 · 1 hr 29 mins

About this Episode

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu discuss Aingeal Rose’s release of her first book called "A Time of Change" (http://atimeofchange.info).

Written by Aingeal Rose for this time period, this is a book like no other. No one can deny that we live in exciting times. Changes are occurring almost daily on every level of our lives. Never in our lifetime have we been witness to a global awakening of this magnitude. Every aspect of life is affected – thoughts are manifesting at a rapid rate for good or ill. Systems are failing and new ways of thinking are starting to make way for a more cooperative and harmonious way of life.

The people are ready. Children are being born with exceptional gifts demonstrating that the human race is changing into a more spiritually evolved species. Neck in neck with that, those involved with the old system of war, greed, corruption, competition and control are trying to enslave us even further. We have been under that thumb for far too long!

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